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Your name or email address: Yes, that's correct Do not update. Do you think the new trend of Chinese made Epiphones, inspired by their originals, will make the previously championed Korean models from Samick, Peerless and Unsung factories become less desirable? Skin and Language Theme: Also I've got this message at the top. I have no idea whether that's accurate. I thought the standards were all made in China, now.

#2. , PM. I wouldn't see why. The Chinese made Epiphones turned out better IMO. And I have a Korean casino-bestinteractive.xyzn Request: Epiphone Casino made in China. Okko Diabo Overdrive, Fender Vibrolux Reverb blackface original. The long winding road of a rock maverick. The Epiphone Casino might be the House of Stathopoulo's most iconic instrument thanks to its.

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